Storage and handling

Besides the transport section, G Kluytmans BV a sand and gravel business with its own storage and transfer, located at 14 Industrieweg Boxtel.Er to the possibility for the transfer of various types of goods such as sand, gravel, gravel, asphalt milling, stone, coal, glass, salt, etc.

The skip is not big bags or pallets probleem.We have a loader available with a pallet fork, or proof pan riekbak produckten relevant to over-charging.

Various types of sand and gravel can be delivered to your home in large or small farm or small dumper truck acted with such onder.Er here can also be collected in any hoeveelheid.Het BigBags filling is no problem.

The following products are in stock (click on the product for a photo):

Dolomiet 0/8
Dolomiet 8/16
Kalksteen 7/14
Kalksteen 14/20
Parelgrind 8/16
Betongrind 16/32
Rode mijnsteen 5/15
Rode mijnsteen 15/22

Mercedes + kipperaanhangwagen