Nat- and International dump truck

Within this branch, we can all types of bulk goods, such as:

Sand Salt
Gravel Glass
Chippings Fertilizer
Decorative Split Iron Peak
Porphyry Ferrous metals
Debris Electro motors
Stone (of vowels to large boulders) Electro Cable
Coal Scrap (from fine geschredderd to HMS 1 / 2)

All our tippers are constructed and firms for various types of loads so that we can very easily switch to still meet the demands of our customers' requirements so we still on time to load and lossen.Kwaliteit and Service is a very important factor in our company. We endeavor with our staff that this will geleeft carefully.

The tippers are made of aluminum to product contamination from box immediately and to minimize weight to have the maximum load to our klanten.Alle tippers have a tarpaulin and unloading can take place through the valve, sliding doors or grain. The contents of the trailer ranges from 43 to 60 m3.

ADR (Hazardous Substances)

All our vehicles are fully equipped with the mandatory ADR equipment home and abroad also have access to the latest emergency card. Furthermore, all our drivers are certified and properly trained for this vrvoer ADR goods.

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