Shortly after the second world war, Jan Kluytmans the grandfather of John started a transport company in Vught. That company then consisted of only one horse and wagon.

After some years, Gerard, the father of John, in the company. Initially keep everything as it was. He transported mainly waste from the brick factory and the military barracks. He also transported logs with a "Malle January. But after some time, bought a tractor with a flat car. In this way behind the flat car loaded with debris still a January Malle also linked below where 2 or 3 logs could be transported.

In 1951, the company access to an old army truck, a GMC when a tipper truck was built. John knows remembers that his father told him how much effort, plus 1000 guilders, it had taken to the license be transferred from the Fordson tractor to the GMC.

Beginning 60 years were first used tipper trailers purchased in connection The trips to Limburg and Belgium.

70 were then early the first new tipper trailers purchased. When the rides were also extensively throughout Europe.

In 1977 the carrier was taken over by his son John and his wife Maria.

Meanwhile the leadership of John, Mary, Gerald and his wife Elle.

Over time, the fleet has grown to a trailer combinations and 12 tipper trailers ranging from 43 to 60 m3 and a 5.5 m semi low loader still be delayed.

Kluytmans in zijn jongere jaren

De kippers die werden aangekocht